Monday, April 13, 2009

Shorty Shorts!

Who wears short shorts? Girls wear short shorts! They're fun, sexy, and totally beachy! Short shorts are the hit for this upcoming summer! You can find great styles of denim and twill shorts at your favorite stores including, American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Aeropostale! These shorty shorts look great with sandals, tank tops, and skinny tee's! Below are the best of this season's wardrobe:



These denim shorts are the ultimate summer must-have! There are little paint-splatter spots on the shorts that really add a unique flair! The price is okay, but the shorts are cute and comfy!


Here are your basic shorts that look great with t-shirts and tank tops! The price is better and I absolutely love the colors. The orange really stands out and there is also a beautiful light turquoise color to look at!


Kind of expensive, but these plaid shorts are super cute and are the true definition of a summer short. We've seen these kind before, so its really hard to make them unique.



I love these white shorts! They are so girly and just scream "beach!" The price is ok, but these will look great with anything!


Here, again, are your classic hoochie denim shorts. They aren't really that unique in any way, but people will pay to wear Hollister!


The plaid shorts are really popular and seen all the time, which is why it's really hard to make them unique. But, I think Hollister's color schemes are the same but laid out different. There are 3-4 shorts that have really cute colors, but the price could be better.



Obviously, the most expensive shorts we have seen, as usual. These shorts look just like the other denims but they are expensive. But A&F must be doing something right, because the masses will pay!



Now this is what I'm talking about! Only $20 bucks for a pair of denim shorty shorts that looks just like the rest of them. Now everyone can hit the beach in their jean shorts!


I like these khakis alot. They are the first I've seen that are not too dressy but not too dressed down either. I love the buttons added on the side for a cute, feminine touch! And for an amazing price too!


Again, the plaid shorts are over-worn, but these are really interesting because the plaid isn't so overpowering. Just a few simple lines and a simple color can go a long way! I love this style and the price is perfect too! A++!