Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Floral Print Dresses

Think light, beachy, and chic! Floral print dresses are the new style this spring and summer. Floral print dresses add a spark to your wardrobe with multiple colors, designs, and styles! The thing I love best about a dress is the way it makes you feel while wearing it. Floral print dresses do just that, but also add a “young and innocent” vibe. They are easy to mix and match with other pieces and accessories, and are great additions to your closet!

Some of the best new floral print dresses this season are from Aeropostale, American Eagle, Old Navy, and Forever 21.



I love the colors in this dress. It rings true to the meaning of a floral print dress. I could hesitate a little on the price, but on a sale day this dress is only $24.99!

This dress is so great it doesn't have to be paired with anything, it speaks for itself! Some really cute flips and a cute hair-do will go a long way with this floral summer dress!



Cute dress. Nice colors. Boring style. But not bad for $20. When you can hit Old Navy on a sale week this dress is $15!

This summer dress seems a little on the "blah" side to me, so I think I would have to have a few accessories to spruce up the outfit. The best part of the dress is the neckline, so a great necklace will really stand out and show off the dress's best asset! I wouldn't add any cardigans (unless you must) because the pattern stands out by itself and a cardigan will cover it up or dull it down.



Definitely the best colors so far. But I believe I could find something I like for a lot less. But, definitely cute.

I love the colors in this dress and it would look great with a plain-color cardigan and a wide, waist-cinching belt.


The tie-ing shoulder straps are really unique and this fun dress comes in a variety of colors. The price is a bit better, too.

I think this dress would look amazing with a light cream or white colored cardigan and pearls! Even a belt would look cute, so you can show off those unique shoulder straps!



Pretty interesting colors. Bravery and confidence is key when wearing this dress! Not a bad price though, if you like to scream LOUD!

This dress is going to be tough if you want to pair it with anything. You must be careful with jewelry and cardigans. This dress is loud as is and jewelry may clash. I would let the dress work with itself and maybe pair it with simple gladiator sandals.


This is by far my most favorite dress! Not necessarily the true "summer-y" colors I would have picked but the whole style and color scheme just works! And yay! for the price, too!

This dress is so amazing I wouldn't add anything to it unless you must. This dress screams elegance and I would only wear it with a simple black heel and either pearls or diamonds!