Monday, April 20, 2009

Halter Tanks Galore!

It's almost summer time now, and the short shorts and flip flops are in. But the #1 must have this season, is the halter tank! These are great additions to your wardrobe and can be layered in the fall! Some of this season's best tanks come from American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch.



This is a really cute tank because it is so versatile. You can wear this to the beach, on the boat, or even out to dinner. There are four really great colors with this style, and the price is okay.


This halter tank is really unique! The style pattern is different, the colors are antiuqe, and the back is crocheted! The price is okay, but I wouldn't mind paying for a unique top like this!



This shirt screams "Hollister!" but the sleeves add a cute, feminine touch. The price is okay too. This is Hollister, keeping it simple.


This "Surfer's Knoll" tank is average, until you see the cute bow! Again, it is a simple shirt, but still cute! This shirt would look great with denim shorts, crops, and jeans with a pair of sandals! The price is a little high, however.



This shirt is an absolute steal! This is the first burgandy shirt I've seen, and what's more, this is the first I've seen that you can wear with a bra! The small lace-V design on the chest really makes it stand out, too. And for 20 bucks? A++!


This shirt is really cute. The shape of the top is really flattering too, for any figure! The embroidered lace down at the bottom adds a feminine touch and gives this shirt the ability to be dressed up or dressed down! And, again, Aero has the best price!



This shirt is really cute, but there is no way I would spend $80 for it! Again, A&F is always expensive, but this is a little over the top, even for them.


Again, way too expensive. You are REALLY paying for the name if you fork out $70 for this crocheted top when Aero has something similar for $50 less. Ridiculous...

Ok, so these are only a few of the tanks that can be found in stores this summer, but this gives you an idea of what to look for. So break out your shorts and sandals, find a cute tank top, and you're ready for anything life throws at you!