Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Satchels!

So far we have seen the hottest trends this season like halter tops, shorty shorts, and skinny jeans. But what is a cute summer outfit, without a cute summer bag? Us girls need to carry all of our important belongings with us, and that means we need a fashionable satchel to match our summer outfits! Below are the best of this season, including totes from A & F, American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Hollister!



This bag is really cute. The design is simple, but the colors are really fashionable. However, I'm not forking out almost 100 dollars for something that is possibly replicable elsewhere.


Again, a great product from A & F, but still too expensive. American Eagle has a similar bag at less than half this price!



This is the ultimate summer tote! The color, the style, the vibe...everything about this bag screams SUMMER! The price ok, but definitely worth the bag!


The colors aren't that great for this piece, but the style of the bag is absolutely adorable. I love the scarf for an added touch of flair! The price is alright, depends on how much you like the satchel.


Yes, yes, yes! I love the color, I love the style. Again, American Eagle has a hit with the beach satchel! The prices is a little high, but the masses will pay for something so unique!



PERFECT! This is what I'm talking about! Its fun, but sensible. Adorable, but affordable. Simple, but unique. The colors are great, too! Aeropostale is definietly the winner this time!

This bag has a really funky vibe with the "tattoo" look on the side. If you want something light for summer but something different, here is your bag! And it's cheap too!



This bag is the pure Hollister look. It is a little plain for the price, though.


This bag is simple but the colorful lines across the top really pull it off. There's a preppy but fun vibe with this bag, if you want to spend that much.

Overall, I am really pleased with the bags I've seen this summer. They are the perfect additions to your new summer wardrobe and you can use them however you like! My favorites would have to be the purple tote from Aeropostale and the pink beach satchel or the yellow/white striped bag from American Eagle. Pick out your favorites and enjoy them all summer long!