Monday, April 27, 2009

Leather Sandals

We now have the complete makings for an adorable summer outfit; the only thing left is sandals! Forget the rubber flip-flops, leather sandals are the hit this season! They look great with jeans, shorts, and dresses and you can wear them all year long! This best sandals this season come from Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Hollister.



The white accent on these sandals will work great with any outfit. They really pop against the dark leather and will add spice to a dress or shorts. The price is high, however.


The price is a little over the top for these sandals, but they have a gladiator kind of look with the twister rope and silver accents.



These leather sandals are very affordable. The straps are thin and the silver accent is nice, but they are nothing special.


The T-strap design on these sandals are really adorable and totally fit the vibe I was trying to reach. The colors are really loud too. The pink and the turquoise are the best and will work with almost everything. Great summer sandal for an even better price!



This is the ultimate summer sandal! It's fun, cute, and affordable! The twist design is unique and will work with anything! Defininitely A++!!!!


These are really cute sandals, too. There are multiple colors that you can get and the beads are a terrific accent. Another A++ to American Eagle!!!



Here are your basic leather sandals. The only thing that separates them from the rest is the rope accent. Still too plain for me!


Abercrombie has identical sandals, but Hollister is a bit cheaper. All I can say is, "Plain, plain, plain."

Most of these sandals will look great with any outfit. Pick your favorites on your budget and make the most of your summer wardrobe!