Monday, February 9, 2009

Skinny Jeans!

They're one of the hottest new trends since sliced bread! Skinny Jeans have been seen on stars such as Rachel Bilson, Britney Spears, Katie Holmes, Mischa Barton, and many more. Skinny jeans are your regular trendy style but with a smaller cut ankle circumfrence than the knee; making the legs appear long and lean, and giving off a hip indie vibe. Skinny Jeans can be worn with almost any kind of top and look great with sandals, flip flops, and ballet flats. Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostle, American Eagle, and Hollister all carry many stlyes, rinses, and "textures" of Skinny Jeans. Below are my findings:


Destroyed Skinny Jean - 2 Rinses

Erica Vintage Dark

Erica Dark Rinse Stretch Skinny Jean - 2 Rinses

As you can see, Abercrombie has the most expensive pairs of skinny jeans compared to the other three stores. As far as quality goes, they are almost top of the line, probably on the same caliber as Hollister. Abercrombie stores are also limited to high-traffic areas and you might have to travel some in order to find a store near you if you live in a smaller town or city. Abercrombie has a positive stigma in the world of fashion and people are willing to travel and pay twice as much. Basically, you are paying for the name that is stitched into the denim.


Bayla Light Vintage Skinny Jean

Bayla Pickstitch Skinny Jean

Bayla Extreme Light Vintage Skinny Jean

Bayla Colored Skinny Jean - 3 Rinses

Aeropostale is known for having the best prices among these stores and the target market tends to run towards the ideas of a "fun, active, teenage crowd." As far as quality goes, Aero is in an intermediate area above, say Walmart or Target, and possibly below American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie. The fact that Aeropostale offers a pair of skinny jeans that is brightly colored, and most of their jeans can be snagged at just under $30 when on sale, really sets Aeropostle apart from the other three stores.


Vintage Destroyed Skinny 77 Jean - 3 Rinses

Skinny 77 Jean in Brushed Steel Wash - 2 different rinses

Skinny 77 Ankle Zip Jean - 4 Rinses

American Eagle seems to set right in the middle of Hollister and Aeropostle by providing above-average quality for average prices. American Eagle offers the most popular style of skinny jean, destroyed wash, for the cheapest price, compared to Hollister and Abercrombie. Also, AE opens the market for a new trend with their Ankle Zip jean, a product that no other store carries.


Laguna Skinny Jean - 3 Rinses

Laguna Destroyed Skinny Jean

Scripps Pier Super Skinny Jean

And finally, Hollister appeals to those that want to wear a popular name brand. They provide fashionably respected clothes, slightly higher prices, and above-average quality. Again, paying for the name, and disappointing because there was nothing unique in the line, except maybe the super skinnys which are mostly the same.

The prices listed are standard, off-the-rack prices. When you can catch the weekly sales, the skinny jeans in Aeropostle and American Eagle can be snatched at just under $30! A great steal for stylish jeans!